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The vehicles of the future will be very different from those we are familiar with today. That’s because digitalization is driving change at every level in the transportation industry, primarily by enabling varying levels of connectedness in different modes of transport, including road, rail, air and water. And riding at the helm of this new wave is the automobile industry.

Digital transformation is fuelling new opportunities in the automobile industry

Automobile manufacturers are now developing diverse new technologies that will make vehicles more digitally connected than ever before. At the very least, these connected vehicles would entail the major functionalities of mobility management, vehicle management, entertainment, safety, driver assistance and driver well-being.

Navigation systems will enable drivers to determine not just the fastest route, but also the most fuel-efficient one. Vehicle management systems will provide detailed information on the vehicle’s performance and automatically send data to insurance companies and fleet owners. Technologies such as anti-fatigue devices will reduce accidents, while systems that monitor drivers’ vital functions will alert them to potential mishaps. And when caught in traffic jams or cruising on the highway, driver assistance and safety systems will let the car take over to minimize bad driving and ensure more safety.

At Intellore, our team of engineers, developers and designers has the required skill and know-how to successfully tackle the increasing complexity of technologies in the connected vehicle space. With our combined hardware and software expertise, we can together create a new normal in transportation.


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