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Programmed for maximum agility with minimum spend

The main challenge for enterprises lies in integrating their existing systems and applications with intelligent software to maximize value quickly. With Intellore, you can enjoy the benefits of agility, security, speed and increased ROI, while leaving the complexities to us. We quickly identify challenges unique to your business, while devising and implementing the best possible transformation blueprint to leverage digital intelligence.


Transforming you into a mobile-first enterprise

Make a lasting impression even in a micro-moment

Today, time is measured in micro-moments – users make decisions in just one glance, decisions that can make or break your business. Employees also expect easy-to-use, mobile applications that help them work more productively. To survive and lead, your enterprise has to harness the power of mobile solutions and repurpose it in a revolutionary way. This is where Intellore can help. By drawing from our extensive experience and expertise, we can deliver deeply intuitive, powerful apps that transform the way you work within your company; and connect with customers outside.Our forward-looking mobility solutions seamlessly and securely integrate with existing processes, creating a scalable, mobile-present enterprise that is poised for growth.

The how of mobile-first digital transformation

Understand requirements and Define mobility roadmap

Identify optimal strategy for higher user-adoption

Select best technology platforms, architecture and components

Ensure future scalability and growth

Mobility services – design and migration

Native mobile application development, hybrid mobile application development

Design, develop, deliver and maintain engaging, feature-rich applications

Migrate existing applications or seamlessly integrate mobility solutions with the existing system

End-device application development with multiple protocols and cross-platform support

Comprehensive testing and maintenance services

Proven testing framework

Strict verification methods to ensure zero to minimum error

Real-time data collection and consolidation

Advanced analytics and reporting tools

Portals and Collaboration

Harnessing the potential of content with digital portal solutions

The proliferation of data in today’s world is spurring enterprises to re-imagine their web portals from the ground up. The main challenge? Transforming this data into easily-consumable information that drives value for both customers and employees. At Intellore, our deep expertise in strategy and engineering, backed by many years of experience, enables us to build socially interactive, experience-driven portals for enterprises across the board. We make the most out of internal and external data to help you maximize growth and stand out in this age of information overload.

Here's how we can add value

Digital portal strategy

Defining platform lifecycle

Evaluating portal platforms, solutions, applications

Technology, architecture, design services

Powerful, seamless, experience-driven portal experiences

Reusable, flexible frameworks and solutions

Designing custom workflows and business process applications

Comprehensive Digital Migration services

Upgrading legacy platforms to future-ready, scalable systems

Smooth data migration

New platform testing

Application Development

Access latest software development technology skills and deliver a contemporary & immersive Software Solution

Intellore has helped various software (software-as-a-product or installed software) ISVs differentiate themselves from other players in the market by collaborating with them to deliver unique solutions that offer robust technology and high-quality user experience. Our team of expert technology professionals has enabled traditional ISVs to smoothly transition into SaaS ISVs amidst today’s fast-evolving technology and industry trends.

Here’s how we can help ISVs become market leaders

Enterprise Software

We have extensive expertise in leading software development platforms like .NET, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby, to deliver enterprise and business software for:

Business solutions

Industry specific solutions

Line of business & add-on solutions

Customer & consumer apps

Process and Workflow applications

System Software

We’re skilled in developing stable, high performance and robust systems software using C, C++ or Python programming languages for:


Storage & File Management

Systems Management

Technology Expertise

Our teams bring strong technology expertise, insights and knowledge to the platform of choice, in addition to valuable
experience across software architectures, solutions and domains.


iOS, Android, Windows

Cross platform

Ionic, Phonegap. Xamarin

Mobile web

PHP, JAX, HTML5/CSS, Jquery Mobile

Presentation tier

AJAX, JSON, Bootstrap, Angular.js, Jquery, Javascript, ASP.Net

Business tier

Spring, EJB, Rails, .NET

Project Management

Redmine, JIRA, Zoho, Confluence, Microsoft Projects

Integration Services

XML, Web Services, REST, SOAP


MySQL, SQL Server, MariaDB, PostGreSQL MongoDB


Amazon AWS, Google Cloud PLatform, Microsoft Azure


PHP, PERL, Python, Node.js, JAVA, Ruby, C#

Operating System

Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS

Source Configuration

GIT, Github, Gitlab, SVN, CVS

Content Management System

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Sharepoint

Reporting Services

SQL Reporting Services, Crystal Reports

Bring your vision to life with us

We offer flexible Engagement Models to suit every requirement, from tactical level collaborations to more strategic ones. Choose what fits you best from our How We Work section, or write to us if you ‘re looking for customized engagement.